Delai Sam (DIY)

It all began in the fall of 2010, when several eco-activists got together to organize activities as part of the Global Day of Action 10/10/10 in Moscow. Global Day of Action challenges people around the world to lessen their negative impact on nature and the environment. In addition to activities like cleaning up parks and organizing a bike rally, we issued a manifesto – Moscow 2020which outlined an alternative development plan for Moscow. Several artists, environmentalists, architects and others collaborated on this collective vision for the future of the city, pledging to create it with their own hands.

A decision was made to organize the activities that took place on October 10th 2010 every six months, to realize Moscow 2020's vision for the future of the city. Within 6 months the first series of activities as part of Delai Sam or Do It Yourself initially called Local Festwere organized.


Guerrilla cycle path / Interactive graffiti, "What is lacking Moscow?"

Participants coordinated various activities like garbage collection, bike rallies, urban art interventions, and architectural presentations all over Moscow. The main sources of information were internet sites Eco-wiki and USE/LESS bike map. Here, people could find all necessary information about the locations of activities as well as bike routes from parks to exhibitions, conferences and film screenings. Several art projects were also organized within the framework of the project, in addition to social and environmental activities.


Birdhouse apartments by 0331c.

In April, street artist 0331c installed a series of mulch-storied birdhouses in some of the city's parks.


Crocodile-benches made of logs on Kanonersky Island in St. Petersburg.

After 6 months, in September 2011, the second Delai Sam took place. A team from St. Petersburg actively participated by cleaning embankment of Kanonersliy island. Using pieces of glass collected during the cleaning, artists created mosaics to help restore Soviet era monuments. They also built colorful crocodile-like benches using logs found on the shore.


Poster for the bicycle rally / News of the cancellation by Congress.

One of the key events planned during Delai Sam was a bike rally, Let’s bike it. It was set to take place on the embankment of the Moskva river along the Kremlin, and needed an approval from city government. The day before it was scheduled, however, Federal officials banned the event because United Russia were hosting a meeting at the same site – at which the prime minister was later announced as the new president.


In response to the ban of the Red Square bike rally appeared a sign "Warning! Tandem Ahead!"

In fall 2011,  Delai Sam ran parallel to the opening of Moscow's Biennale of Contemporary Art. As a part of these events, Partizaning's Residence was born. Activities organized in the Residence included workshops as well as creating a series of alternative Street Signs. One of the signs was of a tandem cycle, which was installed near Red Square as a reaction to the city government's ban of the bike rally.

As a self-organized and self-motivated event, many co-organizers are involved in Delai Sam. Each event shares responsibility amongst different organizations, new groups and participants.

The next Delai Sam will take place in Moscow from April 14-22, 2012 and in St. Petersburg from 7-13 May, 2012. This year, Pixelache Helsinki – a multidisciplinary platform for experimental art, design, research and activism in Finland – will participate in the events.


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