Interesni Kazki — Amazing Stories On Walls

Interesni Kazki (IK) is a Ukrainian art-duo made up of muralists Aec and WaOne, who began working together in 1999. Since then, these guys have created many murals in countries all over the world.



"Since the beginning of time, humans have been attracted by sacred elements. The theme of an existing, parallel world has attracted the attention of writers, artists and art directors alike." IK are no exception, revealing their subjective point of view through their creative works.


Choose a fire or water, 2010.

The artists introduce viewers to a magical world, referring to the essentials of reason, which can interfere with a human life at any moment – despite being external to human beings. The artists allow viewers to approach this inaccessible mortal world through their works.

The viewer is only an observer in these works, not a participant –  unable to change or expand it. By creating their works, artists reveal a certain piece of this world. Since their creation has passed through their own imagination, the viewer is able to grasp it.

Interesni Kazki don’t create this parallel world – they only project it on walls, allowing its real existence. The characters represented by the artists in their pictures are often created in their own reflection. Furthermore, everything that surrounds the characters in 'their' world is a reflection of the present, real world and its essential problems: good and evil, love and hate, pleasure, and sadness.


Cadiz. Spain 2010

This is a reflection of the world which has already existed once, or once will…



"The material world and our existence in it has a certain sense – it is a stage on our way to some other reality, more real than our material world. We, artists and creators, must reveal this reality to the people."

"At first sight, the works look absurd and deprived of all sense. But we are not just decorating the world – there is a deep mystical meaning to it. It is a gate leading to the spiritual heights buried deeply in the subconscious of each and every person. Our work provokes something pleasant and long forgotten in human consciousness. It calls people to see true values and heighten their senses."


IK, Kiev, 2010.

"Everything we express is not just our creation, it’s our view of reality. It’s the revelation of the Creator, carrying our deep personal imprints."


"Centripetal force"  Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel island. Azores Portugal, 2011, from Walk&Talk.


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