No Future Forever

Zachem is a word used by – and also the name of – a group of artists who are engaged, so to speak, in ideological graffiti. Even during its development, it became clear that the word Zachem could not be realized or understood conclusively – neither in graffiti, nor through any other creative activity – because the question: "what for ?" is the purpose and cause of actions in general.


Consider some classics of Russian literature: "I'm the shivering creature or i have the right?", "who is guilty?".

The No Future Forever (NFF) project is less optimistic, more sober expression of their view on what is happening in modern society.

In the world of graffiti and in the world of art, there is a notable absence of material or socially significant prospects for artists. In society, we see global problems that remain unsolved, and conversely, general lethargy, ambivalence, and a lack of social awareness in citizens' attitudes–as well as among those who are supposed to solve these problems.

Instead of wearing rose-tinted glasses, NFF goes beyond standard graffiti – both ideologically and technically – believing that there is more to street art than endlessly writing of the artists' names on trains with aerosol paint.

NFF draws subjective images, which reflect the idea: "NO FUTURE FOREVER." They also try to use techniques and materials that differ from traditional graffiti culture– the places the team selects to create new works take into account the continued spread and proliferation of graffiti, and the form and matter of their messages noticeably differ from regular graffiti.

In Europe, there exists a developed, even partly numbed, graffiti writing and street art subculture. It is possible to live one's entire life on welfare or grants and draw, without caring about anything else.

As a matter of fact, NFF means to be in your own way and to completely ignore other participants of cultural process, other residents of the city – viewers of these works are not included as participants of graffiti movements, and graffiti writers become isolated, forgetting that the street is the most powerful environment, and that it is possible to express more difficult, complex ideas than the banal: "Me, My Team, My Friends, My Party."

There is "NO FUTURE" for such standard, banal – the original, traditional form of graffiti – but it is found everywhere and it is ineradicable – "FOREVER".


No Future Forever is the export variant of Zachem or "what for," taking into account the situation of street art(ists) in the West and those that have since unfortunately in Moscow and in Russian cities, gone down the beaten path... I shall distract, — there is no prototype for "what for" in English, there is only "wherefore", "from what" and "why" – but "what for" unites the purpose and the reason.


There is one more reason "what for" is almost unknown in the West – for ideological graffiti writers, WHAT FOR is only letters; and WHY or FOR WHAT — is not our variant

Objects — a book about Russian street art.
Deviance movie from Zachem crew (2011)