Delai Sam 3 Starts in Moscow

On April 14th, the third Delai Sam (DIY) begins in Moscow. The idea is to bring together different active citizens who initiate positive changes in their cities, and to involve local residents to re-arrange the places they live in.

Delai Sam is an interdisciplinary marathon of events organized twice a year — in the spring and fall — by and for citizens. Anyone can organize an event in the city and participate or assist with scheduled activities. Read on for a summary of planned events,  information on how to get involved, and how to organize your own event.


Delai Sammit: April 14-15, 2012

Delai Sammit is an informal conference about urban initiatives featuring activists from Moscow, Helsinki (Finland), Kolomna, St. Petersburg, and Ekaterinburg. Presenters will discuss their experience initiating positive change in cities, share their success stories, and offer practical advice on how to improve the city.


April 14:

Presenters include: Joel Rosenberg, coordinator of guerrilla gardeners Dodo; Gorozhanka Fyodor, creator of the project to address the problem of leaking roofs in St. Petersburg, Zalivaet.spb; Vladimir Zlokazov, urbanist and author of the blog Live Streets; Natalia Nikitina, director of the Museum of Pastilles in Kolomna; Make / Anton Polsky and Igor Ponosov, art activists and editors of Partizaning; Julia Titova, project coordinator of the Charity shop Spasibo, and many more.

Venue: Flacon Design Factory, ul. B. Novodmitrovskaya, on 36/4, Flacon Loft, Metro: Dmitrovskaya


April 15:

Day 2 of Delai Sammit will feature workshops at various venues in the city where it will be possible to apply acquired knowledge. These master classes organized 'in the field' will be held as BarCamps led by Delai Sammit speakers.


11.30-14.00 Workshop on "DIY streets"

Led by: Vladimir Zlokazov, architect, urbanist, author of the blog Live Streets and projects to improve streets like Bolshakov Shirokorechnaya in Ekaterinburg. At the workshop, participants will analyze plans for several streets in central Moscow, like Tverskaya and Novy Arbat, and discuss how they can be improved.

Venue: Gallery of MOD Design, seminar room (3rd floor), Small Konyushkovsky lane., 2, metro: Barrikadnaya.
Contact: Daria Melissino:, +7968 766 0729


12.00-15.00 Workshop on Guerrilla Gardening (in english)

Led by: Joel Rosenberg, coordinator of the urban greening Dodo, from Helsinki, Finland. The master class we will teach different methods for citizens to green the city and will demonstrate how to apply their knowledge.

Venue: Flacon Design Factory, ul. B. Novodmitrovskaya, 36/4, Flacon Space, Metro: Dmitrovskaya.
Contact: Tatiana Kargin,, +7915 002 7938


12.00-15.00 Workshop on "Greenprinting: Creating with Paper"

Led by: Catherine Akinshina, founder of Ecopad, which produces a  line of green products and services including a printing agency / greenprinter, IdeaPrint. The master class will teach new, unusual techniques creating with paper: using non-standard raw materials, processing and disposal methods, and the types of green printing services available today.

Venue: Printing IdeaPrint, factory ARMA, Lower Susalny Pereulok 5, 10, Metro: Kurskaya.
Contact: Tatiana Kargin,, +7915 002 7938


Delai Sam Activities: April 14-22, 2012

April 14-22:

BBBspaces' mobile lecture-theater On The Way will move around Moscow's courtyards organizing activities and workshops. In the courtyard outside Halabyan, it will host film screenings, lectures and workshops on ecology, urban art, activities to collect waste from residents and other activities. Events also include the launch of Velotsvetochnitsa by Sonya Polskaya.

April 14-15, the courtyard at Flacon Design Factory
April 16-20, the yard at Halabyan, 1, metro: Falcon.
April 21-22, Sokolniki Park, metro: Sokolniki
Contact: Anton Kirilov, +7985 175 0052


April 13-20:

An exhibition Activism in Action will be held, consisting of two parts: Delai Sam-ing, an exhibition of civilian led initiatives and actions to improve the city. And the other, an exhibition featuring colorful and interesting work on the theme of the bicycle.

On April 17th, the exhibition will feature a lecture: 'Horizontal communication and decision-making.'

Venue: Vostochnaya Gallery, Pushkarev Pereulok., 10, metro: Tsvetnoy Boulevard.
Contact: Hromtsova Mary,, +7926 093 8967


April 20:

Collection of waste paper for Green Friday: paper, magazines, newspapers, cardboard packaging, etc. Paper collected in recycling bins will be gathered until International Earth Day, April 22 and participants will receive certificates for their efforts to save trees. To participate, please register.

Contact: Hope Hard,, +7903 0 034 one hundred ten


April 14: Partizaning Residency 2012

Beginning April 14, Partizaning starts a new season at the residence mobile studio, including artist Tima Radya from Ekaterinburg. Urban redevelopment plans include installing art benches in parks, removing of protruding obstacles in the city by Kirill Kto, creating pedestrian crossings where they are needed, installing boxes for inhabitants to submit proposals for their areas, guerrilla playgrounds and more.

Contact: Igor, Sonya, Make, Shriya:


April 21: Day of Action

From 11.00 to 16.00 there will be a daily series of activities to collect and sort trash and waste materials in Moscow.

"The scope of ecology," st. Lower Syromyatnicheskaya, 5/7, page 6, "Artplay on Yauza" m Kurskskaya.
Center for savings at the design factory "Flacon", ul. B. Novodmitrovskaya, 36/4, metro Dmitrovskaya.
Educational point for the project "Divide and Hello!" In Bitza park.
Contact: Mary Belous, +7926 577 7981


Educational platform Divide and Prosper!  will create a large-scale installation "Plastic World" for the festival Astronautalis.

Venue: Park Arts Museum
Contact: Mary Belous, +7926 577 7981


The Really Free Market is a space for people to exchange books and other good things. The motto is: "Bring what you want, take what you need." IdeaPrint will also hold Frimarket paper, where anyone can bring stationery (pens, notepads, etc.), cards, books, etc. and print for free. Details:

13.00 to 18.00: "The scope of ecology" Ltd. (see address above).
13.00 to 18.00: Center for savings at the Flacon design factory (see address above).
Maria, +7915 007 9325
11.00 to 16.00: Printing IdeaPrint (see address above).
Catherine Akinshina, katya.akinshina @, +7909 seven thousand nine hundred and sixteen


Neighborhood Party

18.00: A party with an open kitchen, street musicians, a bike shop run by Vadim Khazova, and screening of the film Let's Bike It! a documentary about a bike procession from St. Petersburg to Portugal.

Transition 1.0 is a 45-minute film about Transition Towns, the movement of local communities, who come together to implement in their cities concrete solutions to overcome the environmental crisis and realize their own vision of the future.

Park "Sokolniki"
Anton Kirilov, +7985 175 0052


14 and 21 April, 12.00: The garden of P.I.Travnikova opens to the public in 2012 and will feature activities like: the quiet really free market; cleaning up the garden after the winter of debris, twigs and stones; planting crops, and primroses; installing starling-houses; collecting decaying garbage for composting; mini-picnics, lectures, and discussions.

Venue: In the courtyard at four in Frunze Embankment, Park Kultury
Contact: Daniel, +7915 345 6381


April 21-22 (9.00-19.oo) Sukhanovo estate near Moscow activities will host activities like clearing underbrush in the park area and painting small shapes. On Saturday night, there will be a party for the most active participants. For those ready to participate two days in a row, the administration of Sukhanovo will provide sleeping bags and mattresses.

Contact: Ekaterina Bichkova,, +7916 165 7553


April 22: Earth Day

20.00: Mobile theater On The Way will be the platform for a global screening of One Day On Earth, which is scheduled to be screened simultaneously around the world.

Venue: Park "Sokolniki"
Contact: Anton Kirilov, +7985 175 0052


Delai Sam!

To organize an event as part of Delai Sam (Do it Yourself), send a description to: