КООП: Cooperative Urbanism Workshops in Moscow

This summer, Partizaning is partnering with Strelka Institute to organize a series of workshops to address local communities and engage citizens in a dialogue about their requirements.

Our role is to gather insights, identify problems and include local residents activists, journalists, and municipal in the process of redesigning or changing their urban environment. From July till early September, nine workshops will be organized in districts across Moscow.

Each of the workshops brings together academics, young professionals, citizens and representatives from local government to design and deliver changes to various districts like: Mitino, Troparevo-Nikulino and Otradnoye.

Workshops are being led by practitioners from the world’s leading architectural, media and design schools — people who have successfully realized their own city projects and have practical teaching experience. Citizens and local activists are expected to guide these workshops by sharing the realities of their local contexts in each case.


Part of Partizaning research method involves installing mailboxes in different districts.

The broader, underlying aim in our opinion is to use the workshop series as an experiment in "cooperative urbanism" – exploring how residents, activists, experts and authorities can collaborate on a dialogue to constructively improve and rethink their urban spaces.

Our role includes meeting with locals, conducting community-based research, and supporting a local voice in these urban interventions. We are mapping favorite places, problems and sites of intervention within each district and have also begun a blog to document the research and outcomes of these workshops: coop.partizaning.org.


July 9-14

Designing for Ownership

Led by Mobile City, Netherlands
Site: Yuzhnoe Medvedkovo

The Mobile City is a research group in the Netherlands that investigates new urban condition and its implications for urban design. The workshop will bring together creative workshop participants and various neighborhood stakeholders (citizens, local government, businesses, neighborhood organizations to explore how different people in Yuzhnoe Medvedkovo can communicate better with each other. It will culminate into a prototype for a product, an event, or a service that acts as a catalyst for conversation.


July 9-13

Pop-up Space

Led by OK-RM
Site: Red October (territory near Strelka)

This workshop seeks to create a space which highlights the potential of transforming urban life for the better. The space will be an energetic hub where discussions are held, exhibitions are presented, ideas are formed, outcomes are planned. It is a space for sharing, a place to be visited and a starting point for new projects. It will use place-branding strategies like graphic design and structural design to explore and launch a new, functional space.


July 13-21

Urban Tactics and Media Ecologies in Moscow

Led by Nitin Sawhney and Christo de Klerk of the New School, USA
Site: Troparevo-Nikulino, South Medvedkovo,  Shukino, Voykovskaya + Citywide

Creating a tool for local activism in support of tactical urbanism across the city, this workshop will explore and raise questions about data, activism and how media and technology can be leveraged in their support across the city. Prototypes will be tested in specific districts to begin with, and will be determined during the workshop.

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July 23-30

Urban Conquest

Led by Florian Riviere
Site: Voykovskaya

Hack the city means to play with the conception of public space in a way that makes it more fun and free for everyone. It doesn’t require huge investments — it’s about the idea.

The Urban Conquest workshop will allow people to participate in the making and the improvement of their public space. Targeting Voykovskaya, it will explore the play requirements of people of all ages, not just children – young adults, teens, older people, working people – how do we play? What do we need in order to do so, and how do we adapt our environment to fit these needs?

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July 30 – August 4

Architecture as a Social Dialogue

Led by TYIN architects, Norway
Site: Mitino

This workshop will explore the role of physical design as a tool for dialogue in a community. It focuses on a site in Mitino that is partially owned by a shopping center and the city government. Located near the metro station, the site breeds ill feeling among many people in the neighborhood because of its association with 'negative' social activities - smoking, drinking and loitering. It is also not conducive to any specific functions, lacking greenery, shade, bike racks and sitting areas. With guidance from urbanists and architects, participants will design and build multifunctional modular infrastructure for the community to shape the space, transform its perception and change its role in the neighborhood.


August 10-16

Urban Interventions to Promote Bicycling in Troparevo-Nikulino

Led by Change Administration and Tomorrow Lab, USA
Site: Troparevo-Nikulino

This workshop, hosted by Change AdministrationTomorrow Lab and Partizaning, will combine critical analysis with interdisciplinary working groups in order to create digital, physical, and programmatic interventions that raise awareness and improve the safety of cycling in Troparevo-Nikulino. At the conclusion of the workshop, a summary will be presented that details the process, as well as how it can be replicated in different locations. An overall strategy will also accompany the intervention that can guide future actions at the intervention site.


August 18-24

Led by Central St Martins, UK
Site: Otradnoe

Using ethnographic research methods like derive and mapping, this workshop will explore and support community based narratives and spatial stories in the district to create and re-imagine a sense of community. It will create interventions that target the written word and public art.


August 18-25

Led by 72 Hour Urban Action, Israel
Site: Pechatniki

Transforming abandoned yards and infrastructure to physically transform the spaces in Pechatniki in a short amount of time. Participants will be challenged with connecting video, urban interventions and community engagement to create a temporary spectacle that inspires longer term change.


August 29 – September 3

Led by AALTO University, Finland

Site: Yuzhnoportovy

This workshop will map and gather data to understand the ecosystems of knowledge and services provisions in the selected district. The workshop will seek to trigger future
change as improved communication, well-being of citizens and better business opportunities of companies in the district.


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Partizaning's Role: Research, Analysis + Local Activism

Partizaning editors are tasked with conducting research, writing a series of analytical texts, and documenting findings through visuals and maps. We are playing a critical, collaborative role in the process to ensure that citizen and community voices are considered in each case. The outcomes from all these workshops will be included in a book, and will become the basis for a film that documents the process. Watch the blog for updates!


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