Urban Interventions Moscow

This book by Alena Zaytseva was created as her final project at Strelka institute in 2012. 100 copies were printed and freely distributed among friends and people interested in street art and tactical interventions. The book consist of three main chapters, with articles and works by leading russian street artists.

The only series of books about Russian street art was published in 2005-08 by Partizaning co-founder Igor Ponosov called Objects. Alena's book discovers some of the most significant urban interventions made in Russia in the last couple of years.



Alena Zaytseva

"If we look back at what was here, in Moscow, 10 or even 5 years ago, there was almost nothing to show that Moscow residents were at all interested in their own city. But today, we see that public space in Moscow is activated. And urban interventions are evidence of this fact. People have started to participate more in ongoing urban and social processes in the city. They try to influence the development of the city by placing visual statements of how the city should work and look directly in their urban environments. This idea formed the basis of the book “Urban Interventions Moscow” which I published at Strelka. It is the result of 5 months of research as part of the Urban Culture studio. Unexpectedly, the book was very popular; 100 copies were gone in a day. Now, I’m thinking about translating the book into Russian and looking for a publisher."