Homemade Russia

An exhibition called "Homemade Russia" was recently shown at a new art space in the heart of Moscow, in the former Red October Chocolate Factory building, next to the cathedral that became famous thanks to the Pussy Riot performance.

For over 20 years, Vladimir Arkhipov collected examples of savvy, folk engineering. Grandparents, alcoholics, youngsters and bored intellectuals from all over Russia generated god knows what from god knows what else, all necessary and valid, demonstrating the partizan spirit that lives in everyone.

1. Rucksack

Homemade laser backpack. And what a beautiful pattern!


2. Lodge

Knocked up as much in the 60's for small kids.

Its fine interior was created by generations of children.


3. Chair on six legs


4. Apron made of milk packages


5. Skis

Very touching, made ​​for an 8 year old grandson. These circles on sticks were made of plastic lids from cans.


6. Chebureks

Cheburek a popular mutton pie that came from the Crimea and the Caucasus.

Refrigerator from junkyard + frame of the stroller = cheburek business.


7. Shower

This one is really great—a shower made out of bus doors. The man who created it had worked in a bus depot and decided not to waste good stuff.


8. Sled for grandma

Earlier, grandmother was rolled on a conventional sled, but when she became ill and bent at the knees, her grandchildren built a customized gadget to push her everywhere.


9. "Combine"

In addition to TV and radio, there is a vinyl player inside. The only reason, in principle, for the existence of this odd object could be the lack of space in the owner's flat for all of these things separately.


10. Shovel made of road sign


11. Windsurfing board

Made out of foam and sheets.