DIY Summit Starts in Moscow

The Delai Sam marathon is organized in Moscow every 6 months and is now being held for the 5th time. It is a grass roots initiative and all organizers work on a voluntary basis. It began with an alternative master-plan, published by activists, urbanists, artists and environmentalists back in 2010. Since then active citizens try to implement these ideas, involving more and more people. The idea started to spread and activists from all over Russia and other post-soviet countries attend the event. Last time, Delai Sam fests were organized in 5 other Russian cities.

Compared to other global environmental initiatives, Delai Sam is locally oriented and horizontally organized. Every team in each city picks their priorities and ways of functioning. Delai Sam in Moscow has become a summit for civil activists, urbanists, street artists and environmentalists. And Delai Summit (DIY Summit), an informal conference for exchange, is now being held for the third time.


April 13th: Barcamp

All day Saturday, visitors will have an opportunity to listen to dozens of lecture and participate in discussions about participatory urban planning and politically and socially oriented art in the beautiful constructivist building which houses ZIL cultural center. This time, we will have a number of special guests from Lithuania, Ukraine, Germany and the USA.


Brad Downey, one of the participants who's gonna give his lecture at 13:45.

On both days in ZIL there will be vegan free donation cafe, book-crossing, recycling of old electronics, and Partizaning human size tactics game.

Address: 4 Vostochnaya, metro: Avtozavodskaya


April 14th: Workshops

On the second day of the summit at ZIL culture center we have 5 great workshops:

12:00 – 16:00 «DIY inflatable sculptures», workshop with artist and activist Artur Van Balen from Berlin, founder of Tools for Action and part of the Eclectic Electric Collective.

12:00 – 13:30 «Guerrilla Gardening» workshop with Leila Jvirblis and Leila Pergu, who promote the idea of unauthorized urban greening.

13:30 – 16:30 «Spontaneous Urban Sculptures», workshop with Brad Downey, a legendary street artist currently living in Berlin.

16:30 – 20:30 «Solar Powered Street Magic», workshop to create mini solar powered street projectors with New York magician and interventionist Jason Eppink.

For kids only:

12:00 – 16:00 «Design and Architecture: What can adults learn from kids», master class on participatory planning from «City Friends».

Address: 4 Vostocknaya, metro: Avtozavodskaya


Next week

Artur's workshop at Flacon.

Next week, following our workshops, creating interventions and moving to the city we will use the Livingroom studio as creative workshop base at Flacon.

Address: Bolshaya Novodmistrovskaya, 36, Metro: Dmistrovskaya

Global non-action day

On the 20th, we will organize the Global Non-Action day—a satirical initiative commenting controversial situation in Russia with a rise in popularity of leftist ideas through a younger generation and the Soviet legacy of subbotniks.

Festival of urban interventions

Street art and tactical urbanism are becoming more and more popular in Moscow. This year young artists and curators organized a new initiative, Art Momentum. On April 20th in the Basmanniy district between two art clusters, Art Play and Fabrika, there will be a walking route organized with interventions and ongoing performances.

Address: 10 Nizhnaya Siromyatnicheskaya


Other activities

On April 20-21 you'll have an opportunity to participate in a yarn-bombing workshop in Tsiferblat; protest against cutting trees in beautiful Miusski square with Guerilla Gardeners of Moscow; take part in neighborhood lunch and more. Most of these activities will be in Russian; to get the full schedule, visit the official Delai Sam website.


Neighboorghood lunch.
Address: Pskovskaya, house 9, apt. 2, мetro. Altufyevo
17:00 — 19:00


Delai Sam: