Irony Curtain: A Russian Interventionist

Hello, my name is Anton Polsky (aka MAKE) and I am a Russian interventionist. I've got an invitation to visit Amsterdam in May '14 to take part in an annual art festival called Kunstvlaai. The main mediums represented at the festival were urban interventions, public art and community based art practices. I decided to make a series of interventions in Amsterdam to make a critical statement about geo-political situation around Ukraine and media war between Russia and the West.



According to Dutch media, Russia is the new old evel empire that going to intervene the West. I found this secret map with Russian host citites for World cup '18 in one of the Dutch media blogs. As a real modern urban guerrilla and supporter of ideas of bottom-up self organization, I decided that I need to move foraward to intervene some of the European countries by myself.



I packed everything that I was needed on my mission. Duct tapes in Russian flag colours, toy binocular, Pussy Riot masks, sleeping bag, Soviet soldier uniform, posters, and, off course, a Russian flag.



I took my train to Vilnius through the Minsk. For Russians having different problems with the government (I didn't pay for gas and electricity for half a year) or wanting to keep anonimity the train to Minsk is the best option to leave Russia.



My final destination was Amsterdam. I departed Moscow, passed Minsk, and reached Vilnius. Then I took my plane to Riga, and further to Amsterdam.



On the way to Amsterdam I had to occupy some of the Baltic states and parts of the Belarus. My first task was to deal with our american counterparts. We had to negotiate which parts of Europe will stay under the US control, the rest gonna be part of the new Russian territory. Obviously, we will be able to expand the territory later...



It was impossible to succeed with my mission all by myself, so I had to work together with Lithanian partizans and some of the other supporters.



Nato soldiers were very sweet as well. We took some selfies before they left the territory of Russian influence. Though some of them decided to stay to serve the new regime.

We worked hard making DIY-cycling paths in Moscow, we used these skills to make something more useful: DIY-paths for Russian tanks all the way to Amsterdam.



When I reached Amsterdam, I actually had to assemble my own tank from the found materials and stuff I brought from Moscow. Using secret DIY-methods I made a smaller and more efficient version of T-34 tank in Amsterdam. My task was to protect Russian female students from the Gerry Rietvelt academy from the horrible Dutch tolerance.



To promote greatness of Putin's regime, I took over the local radio station to bring the message of liberation from the discipline control of deviant minorities of the West.



At the central square I met a local polititian and one of the founding fathers of the legendary Provo collective, Roel van Duijn, to negotiate details of the Russian governance over the Netherlands.



Just in case, I took him as a hostage in his own house in the west part of Amsterdam.



I spent almost two weeks in Amsterdam occupying the city on my tank. When I came back to Moscow I started to feel so week and unsafety on my tiny bike. Since then bicycle infrastructure has been really improved in the city, though I felt something wrong about it. This september I finally realized how to fix this problem. I made a wooden DIY Geländewagen which became a perfect vehicle to move around the new copenhagenized Moscow.