Bulletins — periodic one-page publication printed to coincide with projects. Printed with the most relevant texts from a particular period of time. Printed only when really necessary, usually on recycled paper.


Bulletin #1

March 2012
Prints : 200.
About: For the launch of the English site, printed in Amsterdam.
Download: Launching in Amsterdam!, USE/LESS, We Are Doing It Right.
Poster: This is not a military base, it's an artist's heaven, right?

Bulletin #2

January 2013
Prints: 100.

About: A game to educate people about DIY tactics in the city.
Download: Microact: Partizaning Urban Tactics Game

Bulletin #3

November 2013
Prints 100.
Download: Impressions of the Year, 2013

Bulletin #4

November 2013
Prints: 100.
About: The tactics game and signs for spaces for the SP DIY Olympics
Download: Sao Paolo DIY Olympics, Urban Tactics in Portuguese 

Bulletin #5

May 2014
Prints: 40.
About: Distributed during the Kunstvlaai Festival
Download: Media Wars in Ukraine and Crimea, In Conversation with Harmen de Hoop