Russian Urban Art: History and Conflicts

Russian Urban Art: History and Conflicts book takes the format of an opinion-based essay. The author, Igor Ponosov, examines the power of street art in Russia by exploring its historical background, extending from the avant-garde movements of the early twentieth century, to the non-conformists and the actionists of the twenty-first century. It is an attempt to analyze as well as expand the potential of Russian street art by sharing examples of significant and relevant art phenomena and processes. The book is first paper focused on Russian Urban Art in English.

96 pages
200 x 150 mm.
Language: English
Edition of 500 numbered copies
Published 2018, Moscow
ISBN 978-5-91487-127-4.

The book includes 63 colorfull pictures with street works of Soviet/Russian artists and groups: Kazimir Malevich, Alexander Rodchenko, Collective Actions group, Oleg Kulik, Kirill KTO, Pasha 183, RUS crew, Timofey Radya, Partizaning group, 0331C, Alexey Luka, Dmitri Aske and many others.




  • Entering the Public space
    The Avant-garde, Soviet Muralism, Non-conformism
    Urban Performance and Moscow Actionism
  • The Expansion of Western Culture
    Hip Hop in the USSR
    Finding New Graffiti Forms. Russian Street Art
  • The Rebirth of Urban Art in Russia
    Protest Movements and Socially-Engaged Art
  • Institutional Street Art projects
    Festivals, Exhibitions and Political Murals


Book launches in 2019

November, 7th / 7pm // Freiburg, Germany /// Kulturaggregat space
November, 9th / 8pm // Weil am Rhein, Germany /// Colab gallery

Book launches in 2018

June, 15th / 8pm // Tartu, Estonia /// Stencibility festival
June, 23rd / 5:30pm // Besançon, France /// Unlock book fair
July, 3rd / 6:30pm // Paris, France /// Le Grand Jeu bookstore
September, 14th / 6:00pm // Krakow, Poland /// Warsztat space
October, 27th / 5:30pm // Helsinki, Finland /// Kalasataman Vapaakaupunki Space
December, 16th / 6:00pm // Berlin, Germany /// Neurotitan gallery


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About the author

Igor Ponosov (b. 1980) – russian artist, activist, curator and researcher focused on urban art and activism. Igor currently lives and works in Moscow. He published Objects, a series of three books on street art in Russia and the former Soviet Union. Igor co-curated The Wall, a project based at Winzavod, Moscow. He co-founded, a platform for exchange among activists, artists and urbanists. He curated the Delai Sam (DIY) festival, which focused on grassroots initiatives and activism in Russia. Igor is the author of the book Art and the City, for which he received The Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award (St Petersburg) for Best Text on Contemporary Art category, in 2016.


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